About Us...

Heather Woods started Insurance Management Specialists in June 2009 and quickly became the specialist for personal protection insurance and superannuation advice in the Mackay region. During this time the team grew rapidly along with additional services required to increase value to our clients and improve their lives. The name Insurance Management Specialists simply no longer fitted. So after much consideration, we rebranded the business and in October 2013 we became Zoetic.
Zoetic means living life, and that's exactly what our clients achieve by allowing us to help them make smart decisions with their money.

As a part of our dedication to help our clients live their ideal lives, we embraced values based financial planning. We are still the premier specialists in Mackay for personal insurance and superannuation advice, however we have significantly increased our servicing offering. The driving force behind the change in the business model was Heather's belief that she could add additional value to her clients lives. The emphasis here at Zoetic is to now cater to a finite number of ideal clients, offering best in class customer service across all areas of financial planning, rather than trying to be all things to all people.

If you would like to get your entire financial house in perfect order, and have a level 10 confidence that no matter what's happening in the economy you will achieve your ideal life, then contact Zoetic and arrange your no obligation Financial Road Map appointment.